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Melodic pieces comprised mostly of vibes, chimes and other percussive instruments.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3098

Recording First Published: 1968

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Chance Encounter (Reg Wale) (Medium sized soft swinger) 02:10

Merry Vibes Of Windsor (Reg Wale) (Melodic – tinkly – light ) 02:33

Windows Of Europe (Reg Wale) (Chirpy medium tempo) 02:42

Chimes Gentlemen Please (Reg Wale) (Novelty feature on tubular bells) 02:16

Argine (R. Francis); (Reg Wale) (Sweet – melodic – sun and relaxation) 03:37

Side 2

Drumatics (R. Francis); (Reg Wale) (Semi-dramatic piece using largely percussive instruments) 03:05

Leggless Centipede (Reg Wale) (Jaunty – humorous) 02:18

Swingalong (Reg Wale) (Light hearted – happy – sunny) 02:01

Journey South (R. Francis); (Reg Wale) (Relaxation) 03:07

Lonely Marimba (R. Francis); (Reg Wale) (Peace, nostalgia) 03:15

Dream Waltz (Reg Wale) (Melodic waltz) 01:33

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