Jul 132011

Miscellany of different sounds for numerous situations.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3110

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Ray C (Peter Thomas) (Swinging Ray Coniff type vocal) 01:45

Bonnie Look (Peter Thomas) (Trumpet feature – medium slow then tempo increase) 02:09

Hey O’Connor (Peter Thomas) (Up tempo Conniff style) 01:43

My Play Back (Peter Thomas) (Medium slow – sightseeing etc) 01:45

My Rielle (Peter Thomas) (Moody soprano voice and guitar feature) 01:52

El Draco (D. Goykovich) (Melodic with South American rhythm) 02:32

Schwarze Spinne (Peter Thomas) (Novelty with touch of comedy) 01:46

Sun Over Maghrebinia (D. Goykovich) (Romantic slow South American rhythm) 02:24

Side 2

Brazillia (D. Goykovich) (Relaxing melodic South American) 03:21

Hammond A Lolo (Peter Thomas) (Walking tempo organ feature) 01:35

An Old Gigolo Is Talking About (Peter Thomas) (Quintet playing dance music of yesteryear) 01:35

Yul Quela (Peter Thomas) (Light-hearted flute and fiddle feature) 02:34

Didn’t You See The Mouse? (Peter Thomas) (Comic Waltz) 01:59

The Emperor Is Playing The Really “Kick” Piano (Peter Thomas) (Swing piano version of Viennese Classic) 02:26

Touch Of Johannes (Peter Thomas) (Swing piano version of Brahms’ lullaby) 02:26

Red Spanish Onions (D. Goykovich) (South American – dance tempo) 02:21

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