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Buskers, comedy and national music.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Papworth Combo

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3112

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Dogs Body (Keith Papworth) (Light comedy title) 01:53

Dogs Body Link (Keith Papworth) (Fast comic link) 00:14

Dogs Body In Or Out (Keith Papworth) (Light comedy link) 00:16

Mother’s Ruin (Keith Papworth) (Soft shoe shuffle) 02:45

Busker’s Holiday (Keith Papworth) (Light comedy title) 02:20

Luverley London (Keith Papworth) (Based on traditional themes) 02:44

Rags And Tatters (Keith Papworth) (Comic nostalgia) 02:30

Rags And Tatters (Short Version) (Keith Papworth) (Comic nostalgia) 00:28

Rags And Tatters (Short Version No. 2) (Keith Papworth) (Comic nostalgia – shorter, faster version) 00:12

Rags And Tatters (Busker’s Version) (Keith Papworth) (As above) 01:10

Side 2

Mexican Busker (Keith Papworth) (Light-hearted Mexican, Austrian, Swiss, etc.) 02:11

It’s Scotland (Keith Papworth) (Light general piece in dance rhythm) 02:09

Love Of A Girl (Keith Papworth) (Soft romantic trumpet feature) 02:03

Irish Wake (Keith Papworth) (A not too serious wake) 02:25

Jig O’ The Irish (Keith Papworth) (Lively dance) 00:53

Charlie Chaplin Chase (Keith Papworth) (Fast comic chase) 02:45

Comic Point No. 1 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:09

Comic Point No. 2 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:12

Comic Point No. 3 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:07

Comic Point No. 4 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:07

Comic Point No. 5 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:07

Comic Point No. 6 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:06

Comic Point No. 7 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:05

Comic Point No. 8 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:11

Comic Point No. 9 (Keith Papworth) (Comic Link) 00:11

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