Jul 132011

Royalty, ceremony, pastoral.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3113

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Tournament (Derek Laren) (Pride – arrogance) 01:51

Tournament (Part 2) (Derek Laren) (Movement – action) 01:42

March For An Official Occasion No. 16 (Jack Trombey) (Brisk tempo march) 02:04

March For An Official Occasion No. 15 (Jack Trombey) (Slow – medium, pompous march) 02:07

Classical March (Jack Trombey) (Light – bright – sparkling) 02:13

Champion Jumper (Hugh Granville) (Forward movement – horses etc.) 02:12

High Steppers (Keith Papworth) (Bright sports march) 01:58

Prize Jumper (Hugh Granville); (Derek Laren); (Jack Trombey); (H. M. Farrar); (John Reids); (Sam Fonteyn) (Movement – horses etc.) 02:26

Pan Africa (H. M. Farrar) (Landscapes etc.) 02:45

Side 2

Happy Years (Jack Trombey) (General movement – light-hearted) 02:24

Harvest Time (John Reids) (Countryside – sunshine) 02:20

Music Around The World (John Reids) (Big opening leading to fashion and show type music) 02:23

Music In The Air (Keith Papworth) (Romantic orchestral) 02:42

Tuneful Serenade (Sam Fonteyn) (Quaint, melodic) 03:16

Summer County (Sam Fonteyn) (Tuneful – countryside etc.) 03:03

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