Jul 152011

Hi All,

Just a reminder that you can request track details for any De Wolfe, KPM, Bruton or Themes International release which you may be interested in.

There’s a new feedback form which can be accessed from the top menu or this link – http://www.librarymusicinfo.com/contact/ so please make use of this if you have any requests or comments. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed located in the ‘Follow Me’, this will email you with any updates as they happen.

I’ve also been looking at some of the searches that people have been carrying out and will be using this information to update LP details which are being searched for but I’ve yet to post. So look out for updates on De Wolfe releases DW/LP3171, DW/LP3187, DW/LP3252 and DWS/LP3410.

In the meantime I’m going to continue with posting the De Wolfe releases as time allows and also upload the Bruton and Themes International numerical lists as well.




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