Aug 092011

Featuring a selection of tracks equally suitable for theme or background use. Written by James Clarke, one of the leading exponents of melodic composition.

Label: Themes International

Cat. Number: TIM 1001

Recording First Published: Not Known

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

The Lighter Touch cover art.

Side A

Time Off (James Clarke) (Happy, melodic movement featuring flutes and oboe) 02:50

Summer Setting (James Clarke) (Beautiful, romantic theme, featuring alto flutes) 02:50

Dark And Lovely (James Clarke) (Exotic, flowing acoustic guitar feature) 03:50

Field Of Flowers (James Clarke) (Relaxed, melodic movement featuring alto flutes) 03:05

Thoughts And Vision (James Clarke) (Medium-slow. Mysterious and melancholy) 02:20

The Long Shot (James Clarke) (Free-flowing movement in 3/4 0:00 – 0:52 Gradual build flutes over sustained organ. 0:52 – 1:20 with more movement, melody on guitar. 1:20 – 1:48 as beginning) 01:48

 Side B

Up Country (a) (James Clarke) (Romantic, medium-slow 3/4 movement featuring harmonica) 02:56

Up Country (b) (James Clarke) (As above, without harmonica – rhythm section only) 01:50

Leapfrog (James Clarke) (Happy, melodic movement featuring harmonica) 02:34

Breakaway (James Clarke) (Fast-moving, happy melody featuring harmonica) 02:19

Mississippi Choo-Choo (James Clarke) (Fast, happy, melodic movement featuring harmonica) 02:24

On The Wild Side (James Clarke) (Medium-tempo, funky movement) 03:03

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