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Steel band in various moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3115

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Colombus Calypso (Johnny Hawksworth) (Happy, cheerful) 01:47

Bahamas Scene (Johnny Hawksworth) (General sight-seeing) 01:50

Coconut Capers (Johnny Hawksworth) (General activity) 01:57

Banana Man (Johnny Hawksworth) (Melodic sight-seeing) 02:06

Sugar Cane Man (Johnny Hawksworth) (Happy song with male voice) 02:34

Sandy Beach (Johnny Hawksworth) (Pleasant – romantic) 01:22

Paw Paw Paw (Johnny Hawksworth) (Lively) 01:43

Paw Paw Paw (Short version) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Lively) 00:26

Side 2

Caribbean Tension (Johnny Hawksworth) (Semi-dramatic) 02:16

Anguilla Incident (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rising tension) 02:03

Caribbean Creeps (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mysterioso) 01:31

Beware (Johnny Hawksworth) (Constant rhythm – bass pan) 01:34

Early Morning Activity (Johnny Hawksworth) (Melodic top pan) 01:30

Mystery Situation (Johnny Hawksworth) (Solo top pan) 01:35

Steel Band Link No. 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Short link) 00:07

Steel Band Link No. 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Short link) 00:03

Honky Dory (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slow bar piano) 00:38

Public Bar (Johnny Hawksworth) (Cheery bar music) 00:58

Empty Pockets (Johnny Hawksworth) (Nostalgia) 00:43

Hony Tonk Link (Johnny Hawksworth) (Short link) 00:07

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