Aug 212011

Big band and strings. Variety of pieces.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3118

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Tilsley Orchestral No. 4 cover art.

Side 1

Leonie (Reg Tilsley) (Full orchestral romantic theme) 02:46

The Greatest Show On Earth (Peter Reno) (Big Band beat number) 02:24 (Queenie’s Castle TV series theme tune)

Soft Spectrum (Reg Tilsley) (Romantic feelings and situations) 02:53

International Playground (Reg Tilsley) (Travel, montages etc.) 02:20

Smile On Her Face (Reg Tilsley) (Soft romantic string theme) 03:05

Footprints In The Sand (Reg Tilsley) (Romantic feelings and situations) 03:20

White Heat (Reg Tilsley) (Wild pop guitar sound) 01:25

Side 2

Downtown Motown (Reg Tilsley) (Driving big band mover) 02:09 (Cinema TV theme tune)

Summer Convertible (Reg Tilsley) (Sunny – rhythmic movement) 01:50

Song Of Autumn (Reg Tilsley) (Big melodic orchestral theme) 02:57

City Circle Bus (Peter Reno) (Continuous movement) 02:00

Another Spring (Reg Tilsley) (Light – happy – rhythmic) 02:31

Red Heat (Reg Tilsley) (Wild with guitar over big band) 02:11

Red Heat Link A (Reg Tilsley) (Short version) 00:06

Red Heat Link B (Reg Tilsley) (Short version) 00:07

Red Heat Link C (Reg Tilsley) (Short version) 00:12

Niagara (Peter Reno) (Rhythmic – light – general situations)

We Are The Champions (Reg Tilsley); (John Gray) (Big band swing march) 02:12 (Dawn Of The Dead cue)

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