Aug 232011

Romantic, mysterious and dramatic moods. Orchestral.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3120

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Midnight In The Grove (Minuit Dons La Clairiere) (Spencer Nakin) (Slow – quiet – little movement) 04:01

Needlework (Chanson de Toile) (Spencer Nakin) (Light – romantic – melodic) 04:21

The Squirrel And The Fairy (Waltz) (Dense de L’ecureuil et de la Fee) (Spencer Nakin) (Light – bright – changes in tempo) 04:00

Mourning Over A Dead Elfin (La Mort du Petit Elfe) (Spencer Nakin) (Tears – Pity) 02:35

A Sail On The Lake (Une Voile Sur Le Lac) (Spencer Nakin) (Outdoors – pretty) 03:25

Over A Cradle (Lullaby) (Aupres D’un Berceau) (Spencer Nakin) (Romance – Nostalgia) 02:57

Side 2

The Witch In Her Cave (La Sorciere Dans Son Antre) (Spencer Nakin) (Medium tempo – mysterioso) 04:23

The Magic Philtre (Le Philtre Magique) (Spencer Nakin) (Mystery – suspense) 02:20

The Call Of The Sabbat (L’appel du Sabot) (Spencer Nakin) (Mystery & drama) 02:16

Death Incantation (Incantation Funebre) (Spencer Nakin) (Slow movement – funereal) 03:54

The Witch Is Hunted Out (La Capture De La Sorciere) (Spencer Nakin) (Dramatic build-up from quiet start) 03:07

The Stake (Le Becher) (Spencer Nakin) (Dramatic – brisk movement) 03:14

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