Jun 132012

Orchestral arrangements of traditional and characteristic national tunes from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3249

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side One

Widdecombe Fair (J. Bath) (Carefree, bustling) 01:37

Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron (Anthony Mawer) (Bright canter) 01:38

To Be A Farmer’s Boy (Anthony Mawer) (Steady, martial tempo) 02:19

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be (Anthony Mawer) (Lighthearted frolic) 01:40

Where The Bees Suck (F. Spencer) (Delicate, flowing) 02:22

On Ilkley Moor Baht’at (Anthony Mawer) (Boisterous, active) 01:43

Home Sweet Home (F. Spencer) (Sentimental, nostalgic) 01:39

Fine Old English Gentleman (J. Bath) (Broad, lyrical) 01:46

Tantivy (J. Bath) (Based on traditional hunting songs) 01:56

Nymphs And Shepherds (J. Bath) (Spritely, classical feeling) 01:16

God Save The Queen (F. Spencer) (Orchestral arrangement) 00:56

Men Of Harlech (Boynton/Power) (Brash, rhythmic) 01:03

Land Of My Fathers (W. G. Chapman) (Patriotic, solemn) 01:42

All Through The Night (W. G. Chapman) (Slow, dignified) 00:57

God Bless The Prince Of Wales (Ivor Slaney) (Barrel-organ arrangment) 00:51

Side Two

Lassie O’Leith (John Churston) (Brisk orchestral reel) 01:41

Bonnie Burns O’ Scotland (John Churston) (Expressive, lyrical) 01:43

Comin’ Thro’ The Rye (F. Spencer) (Soft, nostalgic) 02:49

Red Red Rose (F. Spencer) (Warm, romantic) 01:56

Scotch Mist (Ivor Slaney) (Rhythmic, light) 00:29

Highland Laddie (George Warwick) (Massed pipes and drums) 01:43

Jig (Ivor Slaney) (Characteristic, up-tempo fiddle feature) 01:19

Lament (Ivor Slaney) (Plaintive, wistful) 02:09

Interlude (Ivor Slaney) (Polite, stately, mid-tempo) 00:31

Pastorale (Ivor Slaney) (Gentle oboe feature) 01:15

Cockels And Mussels (F. Spencer) (Colourful, flowing) 01:15

The Antrim Road (Wayne Hill / Earl Ward) (Perky, march like) 02:34

Barbara Allen (J. Bath) (Warm strings) 03:03

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May 232012

The recordings contained herein have been specifically scored for small woodwind groups and depict the varied pastal quality of the instruments.

Label: KPM

Cat. Number: KPM 1142

Recording First Published: 1974

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side A

The Craftsman (David Lindup) (General light activity) 01:34

Season Of Mists (David Lindup) (Reflective pastoral – static) 02:15

Ode To Summer (David Lindup) (Idyllic pastoral – static) 01:57

Meadowland (David Lindup) (Peaceful pastoral – static) 01:51

Friends Of The Earth (David Lindup) (Light open underscore) 02:37

Birdwatch (David Lindup) (Warm – nebulous) 01:52

Flight Path (David Lindup) (Reflective – slow motion – birds) 01:45

The Long Trek (David Lindup) (Neutral descriptive – static) 01:42

Bleak Prospect (David Lindup) (Neutral – empty) 01:54

Stress And Strain (David Lindup) (Tense – expectant) 01:38

Risky Business (David Lindup) (Progressive statements) 00:52

Side B

Ballet For Woodwind (George Behar) (Charming – light – polite) 01:20

Fertile Land (George Behar) (Pastoral vista) 01:45

Homestead (George Behar) (Tender) 01:30

Sculpture (George Behar) (Neutral – abstract) 02:10

Space Pattern (George Behar) (Legato – suspended) 01:55

Ponder (George Behar) (Slow – ponderous) 01:45

Infertility (George Behar) (Ugly – disaster – aftermath) 02:06

Solus (George Behar) (Sad – emotional) 02:03

Aperture (George Behar) (Consistent atonal patterns) 01:54

Illogic (George Behar) (Irregular movement and patterns) 01:27

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May 232012

Contemporary West Coast Jazz-Rock and Jazz Sambas.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH10

Recording First Published: 1980

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Golden Groove (Steve Gray) (Bright Jazz-Rock) 05:36

Night Moods (Steve Gray) (Cool Jazz, builds to exciting finish) 06:30

Sugar Loaf (Steve Gray) (Effervescent Jazz-Samba) 03:48

Sugar Loaf Link (Steve Gray) (Button end) 00:09

Struttin (Steve Gray) (Vivid Jazz-Rock) 02:57

Struttin Link (Steve Gray) (Button end) 00:20

Side B

Chique (Steve Gray) (Layed back groove, becomes brighter at 4:11) 06:24

Go Mack Go (Steve Gray) (Extrovert Fun-Jazz with Scottish flavour) 04:43

Supersamba (Frank Ricotti) (Wild exciting Jazz-Samba) 01:41

Uproar In Rio (Paul Keogh) (Fast frenetic percussive Samba) 01:29

Harlem (Ron Aspery) (Punchy Jazz-Rock) 02:12

Rock Captions (Ron Aspery) (Vivid exciting captions) 01:34

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May 232012


Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH9

Recording First Published: 1979

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Project 2001 (Frank Ricotti) (Urgent, percussive) 01:33

Strength Of Man (Frank Ricotti) (Unceasing power) 02:17

Wheels Of Time (Frank Ricotti) (Automated processes) 02:04

Raw Energy (Paul Keogh) (Heavy, forceful) 02:04

Breakthrough (Paul Keogh) (Rugged, positive) 01:49

Shape Of Things To Come (Paul Keogh) (Suspended) 03:00

High Efficiency (Harold Fisher) (Continuous action) 01:47

Generator (Harold Fisher) (Electro-motion) 01:38

Main Objective (Harold Fisher) (Successful) 01:17

Side B

Protopulse (Trevor Bastow) (Higher technology) 01:50

Protopulse Ending 2 (Trevor Bastow) (Button end) 00:07

Prototype (Trevor Bastow) (Confident end titles) 00:28

Past Present And Beyond (Trevor Bastow) (Progressive) 02:10

Power Plant (Trevor Bastow) (Hidden power) 01:30

Nova (Trevor Bastow) (Clean and fresh) 01:35

Technovation (Les Hurdle) (Confident) 02:01

Technovation At Home (Les Hurdle) (Restful) 01:55

Technovation In Motion (Les Hurdle) (Efficient motion) 01:28

Technovation In Action (Les Hurdle) (Hurried activity) 02:54

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May 202012

Hi All, just added a few more thumbnails to the Sonoton list ( Unfortunately there are scanned from a catalogue so the resolution isn’t great.

If you would like to submit a good quality scan, please let me know and I’ll post it up and credit you.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to randomly post updates from the libraries rather than go through them sequentially. As always if you want me to update a particular album’s track details, just let me know.

Take it easy….Andrew

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May 202012

Depicting various aspects of movement, mechanisation and processing. May be used in conjunction with Industry Vol. 1 (1161) and Industry Vol. 2 (1162).

Label: KPM

Cat. Number: KPM 1197

Recording First Published: 1977

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Express Cargo (Harold Fisher) (Punchy insistent movement) 03:15

Gear Shift (Dave Richmond) (Insistent rhythmic underlay) 02:28

Time And Motion (Harold Fisher) (Light rhythmic) 02:25

Momentum (Harold Fisher) (Bright uptempo mechanical motion) 02:24

In Production (Clive Hicks) (Medium tempo mechanical movement) 01:48

Big And Heavy (Tony Hymas) (Heavy percussive build) 01:54

Behind The Wheel (Duncan Lamont) (Light propulsive) 02:50

Working Well (Clive Hicks) (Light industrious) 02:33

Tense Up (Duncan Lamont) (Slowly building tension to break at 0:58 to climax. Thematic to ‘Race Against Time’) 01:18

Race Against Time (Duncan Lamont) (Urgent uptempo) 02:44

Side B

Strata Florida (Tony Hymas) (Intricate interweaving fluid motion) 02:08

Silver Stream (Clive Hicks) (Warm expansive) 03:15

Success Story (Clive Hicks) (Bright industrious) 02:55

Smooth Flight (Dave Richmond) (Relaxed fluid movement) 02:13

The Deep (Tony Hymas) (Nebulous suspended) 02:15

Current Flow (Tony Hymas) (Interweaving electronic textures) 02:47

Machine Age (Dave Richmond) (Eccentric mechanisation) 02:34

Mechanisation (Dave Richmond) (Eccentric mechanical motion) 02:02

Percussion Power (Harold Fisher) (Urgent percussion build to climax) 02:35

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May 202012

Pacey and loud to cool laid back contemporary scores featuring Guitars, Keyboards, Woodwind, Brass, Drums and Percussion.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH8

Recording First Published: 1979

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Rhythm Stick (Frank Ricotti) (Catchy, medium pace) 03:30

Rock Hard (Paul Keogh) (Funky movement) 02:10

Rock Festival (Paul Keogh) (Loud, vivid, pacey) 02:42

Santana (Paul Keogh) (Outrageous samba) 01:53

African Flambe (Les Hurdle) (Uptempo rock samba) 01:36

Rebel (Francis Monkman) (Earthy sax feature) 01:37

Heavy Duty (Francis Monkman) (Slow, weird, sensuous) 01:38

Hip Joint (Brian Bennett) (Groovy ‘City after dark’ mood) 03:08

Side B

Black Leather (Andrew Jackman) (Aggressive solid rocker) 02:07

Cool Sweat (Andrew Jackman) (Sleazy) 02:31

Work On (Francis Monkman) (Funky motion) 03:32

Tubular Tubes (Francis Monkman) (Contrapuntal to heavy solid theme) 02:31

Silken Hair (Andrew Jackman) (Relaxed Electric Piano blues) 02:08

Shades (Trevor Bastow) (Cool and funky synth and rhythm) 02:14

Lurker (Frank Ricotti) (Laid back repetitive riff) 02:40

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May 192012

Inventive contemporary scores designed to create visual impression.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH7

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Effervescence (Trevor Bastow) (Sparklingly fresh) 02:52

Winners (Trevor Bastow) (Exciting aggressive theme) 02:00

Dragster (Paul Keogh) (Masculine aggressive motion) 02:48

Arena (Paul Keogh) (Arresting powerful theme) 02:44

Mercury (Harold Fisher) (Fast, fluid, propulsive) 03:35

Cutaway (Harold Fisher) (Propulsive. Unusual time signature) 02:20

Reel To Reel (Les Hurdle) (Uptempo rock-jig) 02:18

Reel To Reel – Reprise (Les Hurdle) (Reprise on solo guitar) 00:18

Side B

Skytrain (Frank Ricotti) (Cool propulsion) 02:30

Ringing Guitars (Les Hurdle) (Rolling Guitars) 03:37

Sundancer (Paul Keogh) (Happy, lilting) 03:16

Sky Blue Pink (Frank Ricotti) (Gentle rhythmic Acoustic Guitars) 04:14

Sign Of The Times (Trevor Bastow) (Rock fugue) 01:52

Seventh Heaven (Les Hurdle) (Suspended flowing rhythm) 03:11

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May 192012

Contemporary close harmony vocals without words.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH6

Recording First Published: 1979

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

In Close Harmony (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Suspended warm voices) 01:47

Birth Of The Universe (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Held build to giant panoramic theme at 1:16 to tail) 02:03

Classical Fugue (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Bright contrapuntal) 01:56

Take A Train (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Busy, amusing, industrious) 01:46

Birdland (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Leisurely) 02:22

Mayflower (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Relaxed) 01:35

Planes, Boats & Trains (Andrew Jackman) (Cool “Travellin”) 01:54

Side B

Harpers Bazaar (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Young, fresh and appealing) 01:28

Freshman (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Fresh and alive) 01:28

Happy Tune (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Effervescent) 02:02

Good Looking (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Light rock) 02:09

Soul Machine (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Funky) 02:04

Soft Boogie (A. Baker / R. Morgan) (Relaxed groove) 01:59

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May 192012

Music for orchestra and chamber group with a classical and period flavour.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3248

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Country Retreat (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Refined, flowing) 03:25

The Long Room (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Slow dignified chaconne) 04:50

Gentry (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Spritely, playful) 01:46

Royal Garden (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Romantic, warm) 03:48

Chess Match (Gordon Grant) (Boisterous, rhythmic) 02:25

Lady’s Maid (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Delicate polite pizzicato) 02:56

A Serious Matter (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Serene, reserved) 03:12

Side 2

Distant Hills (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Melodic, expressive, broad) 03:02 (Crown Court TV Series Theme Tune)

Corn Exchange (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Rhythmic, bright, active) 03:09

Artist’s Palette (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Romantic, melodic) 03:04

Moving Times (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Persistent, busy, rhythmic) 01:54

Portfolio (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (Mid-tempo, lyrical) 03:04

Variations For Sextet (Gordon Grant) (Sectional construction – melodic & rhythmic sections) 04:33

Manuscript (Peter Reno / Simon Haseley) (C18th-style Septet – medium-fast tempo) 04:47

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