Sep 072011

Big modern orchestrals in exciting new settings.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: Laurence Stephen Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3160

Release Date: Not Known

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

New Generation cover art.

Side 1

Fast Action (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Big movement, titles, etc.) 02:55

Export (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Rhythmic, modern – activity) 02:34

New Generation (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Authentic “Reggae” – mid tempo) 02:37

Brake Out (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Heavy beat, dramatic – spies, etc.) 02:29

Floating Tempo (Walter Warren) (Ethereal, mysterious) 02:16

Floating Tempo II (Walter Warren) (Strange, slow-moving) 01:08

Side 2

Banana Split (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Bright happy mover) 01:46

High Adventure (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Epic, imposing title music) 02:56

Disco Seventy (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Light-hearted, mid-tempo, rhythmic) 03:01

One Two And Stop (Musi Silvio / Hugh Cortley) (Carefree movement – outdoors, etc.) 02:18

Low Danger IV (Walter Warren) (Menacing – melancholic flute) 02:19

Low Danger V (Walter Warren) (Lightly rhythmic – uncertainty) 02:21

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