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Mysterious and dramatic orchestral – full pieces, bridges, links etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3150

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Strange Location cover art

Strange Location back cover

Side 1 (includes cues from the unreleased soundtrack to Witchfinder General)

Action Mood No. 1 (Paul Ferris) (Nervous, agitation) 01:14

Peaceful Interlude (Paul Ferris) (Romantic, wistful) 01:32

In The Shadows No. 1 (Paul Ferris) (Uncertainty, tension) 01:48 (Shaw Brothers cue – House Of Traps Theme)

Drama Sting No. 1 (Paul Ferris) (Tension point — brass) 00:07 (Shaw Brothers cue – Shaolin Mantis)

Drama Sting No. 2 (Paul Ferris) (Tension point — brass) 00:09

Soft Interlude (Paul Ferris) (Rhythmic romantic melody) 02:40

Action Mood No. 2 (Paul Ferris) (Quick stealthy action) 02:25

Nocturnal No. 1 (Paul Ferris) (Active mysterioso) 01:31

Nocturnal No. 2 (Paul Ferris) (Quiet mysterioso) 00:38

In The Shadows No. 2 (Paul Ferris) (Tension builder) 00:57

In The Shadows No. 3 (Paul Ferris) (Small tension builder) 00:36

Shadow Chase No. 1 (Paul Ferris) (Fast action) 00:42

Shadow Chase No. 2 (Paul Ferris) (Fast action) 00:25

Nocturnal No. 3 (Paul Ferris) (Sombre, dark) 00:45

Nocturnal No. 4 (Paul Ferris) (Violence — contrasts) 02:10

In The Shadows No. 4 (Paul Ferris) (Tension builder) 01:07

Shadow Link No. 1 (Paul Ferris) (Dramatic bridge) 00:18

Shadow Link No. 2 (Paul Ferris) (Mysterious bridge) 00:18

Action Link (Paul Ferris) (Drum rolls, building) 00:23

Side 2 (includes cues from the unreleased soundtrack to Curse Of The Crimson Altar)

Drama Title (Peter Knight) (Big string title and theme) 01:29

Mystery Place No. 1 (Peter Knight) (Build to climax — desolate ending) 02:39

Mystery Place No. 2 (Peter Knight) (Haunting, evocative) 01:12

Drama Chase (Peter Knight) (Frantic, up-tempo) 00:36

Drama Scene (Peter Knight) (Active, dramatic) 01:00

Drama Sting No. 3 (Peter Knight) (Tension point — orchestral) 00:10

Drama Sting No. 4 (Peter Knight) (Tension point — organ) 00:10

Strange Location No. 1 (Peter Knight) (Climactic, tense) 02:03

Chapel No. 1 (Peter Knight) (Religioso organ with chimes) 00:46

Chapel No. 2 (Peter Knight) (Bach-style organ, contemplative) 01:22

Strange Location No. 2 (Peter Knight) (Sinister, little movement) 00:53

Strange Location No. 3 (Peter Knight) (Sinister, little mong ending) 00:57

Drama Bridge (Peter Knight) (Action pointer) 00:10 (Shaw Brothers cue – Two Champions Of Shaolin)

Mystery Place No. 3 (Peter Knight) (Big, sense of turmoil) 01:52

Mystery Place No. 4 (Peter Knight) (Dark, foreboding) 00:49

Mystery Drums (Peter Knight) (Timps and snare, spasmodic beats) 00:42

Mystery Drums—link No. 1 (Peter Knight) (Timps — three beats) 00:04

Mystery Drums—link No. 2 (Peter Knight) (Timps — quicker) 00:03

Mystery Drums—link No. 3 (Peter Knight) (Single beat) 00:03

Mystery Drums—link No. 4 (Peter Knight) (Single beat) 00:03

Love Theme (Peter Knight) (Romantic orchestral, titles, etc.) 01:15

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