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Small orchestral dramatic moods. Suitable for horror, suspense, period, drama etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DWS/LP 3292

Recording First Published: 1974

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Dark Mystery cover art

Side 1

Knifechase (Paul Lewis) (frenetic, tense, percussive) 02:09

Stab In The Dark (Paul Lewis) (slow atmospheric) 01:41

Quick Revenge (Paul Lewis) (dramatic alternation of chords and staccato sections) 01:02

Dying Wish (Paul Lewis) (sad, haunting ‘cello feature) 01:15

Stairway To Beyond (Paul Lewis) (shimmering string arpeggios) 02:23

Nervestretch I (Paul Lewis) (cascade of string sounds) 00:38

Nervestretch II (Paul Lewis) (as above) 00:32 (Shaw Brothers cue – Invincible Shaolin)

Nightwalker (Paul Lewis) (mysterious, creepy: steady beat) 03:18

Dark Mystery Section 1 (Paul Lewis) (sad, pensive string theme) 01:05

Dark Mystery Section 2 (Paul Lewis) (as above with piano) 00:34

Dark Mystery Section 3 (Paul Lewis) (episodic, staccato, tense) 01:12

Dark Mystery Section 4 (Paul Lewis) (as above) 01:25

Dark Mystery Section 5 (Paul Lewis) (chord with staccato echoes) 00:08

Dark Mystery Section 6 (Paul Lewis) (string tremelo) 00:13

Dark Mystery Section 7 (Paul Lewis) (fast, driving string section) 00:41

Dark Mystery Section 8 (Paul Lewis) (slow, mysterious string chords) 00:54

Side 2

Spinecharge (Paul Lewis) (episodic, dramatic) 01:25

Sorrow (Paul Lewis) (series of slow, sad, string phrases) 02:10

Climax (Paul Lewis) (dramatic build-up with percussion) 00:27

Payoff (Paul Lewis) (frenetic string figures) 00:18

Horror House (Paul Lewis) (mysterious, tense, rhythmic) 01:43 (Shaw Brothers cue – The Four Assassins)

Guilty Secret (Paul Lewis) (furtive, serious) 02:49

Moments Of Tension (Paul Lewis) (busy, nightmarish) 02:01

Autopsy (Paul Lewis) (series of string climaxes) 00:45

Sweet Sorrow (Paul Lewis) (mournful, dreamy melody) 02:48

Stranger In The House Version 1 (Paul Lewis) (unusual novelty featuring whistling and bass) 00:54

Stranger In The House Version 2 (Paul Lewis) (as above) 01:28

Stranger In The House Version 3 (Paul Lewis) (as above with vibes and bass) 00:51

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