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Orchestral dramatic moods for suspense, action, fights.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DWS/LP 3300

Recording First Published: 1975

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Spinechiller cover art.

Side 1

The Mask Of Death (Jack Trombey) (tense, sinister) 03:14

Face At The Window (Jack Trombey) (slow anticipation with builds — fast dramatic end) 02:48

Dark Forest (Jack Trombey) (slow mysterioso) 02:00

Stealth (Jack Trombey) (as above; dramatic points) 03:20

Clammy Hand (Jack Trombey) (ominous, dramatic build) 01:14

Omen (Jack Trombey) (nervy, uncertain) 02:17

Spinechiller (Jack Trombey) (dramatic, active mysterioso) 02:18

Steps On The Stairs (Jack Trombey) (suspense; fragmentary) 02:17

Drama Point I (Jack Trombey) (active mysterioso) 00:19

Drama Point II (Jack Trombey) (tense, restless) 00:39

Side 2

Barrage (Jack Trombey) (dramatic, threatening) 02:01

Street Incident (Jack Trombey) (active, powerful) 00:42

Cypress Avenue (Jack Trombey) (nostalgic string theme) 01:27

Uneasy Feeling (Jack Trombey) (slow, quiet, somnabulistic) 02:28

Gold Sequence (Jack Trombey) (driving, rhythmic) 00:32

Orange Sequence (Jack Trombey) (light, perky, changeable) 00:59

Silver Sequence (Jack Trombey) (dramatic) 00:26

Red Sequence (Jack Trombey) (heavy, repetitive) 00:35 (Shaw Brothers cue – Bat Without Wings Theme)

Black Sequence (Jack Trombey) (tense, quiet) 00:22

The Long Wait (Jack Trombey) (anticipatory; variation on colour sequences) 01:46

Waiting For The Man (Jack Trombey) (dramatic, climatic, atmospheric) 05:17 (Shaw Brothers cue – Shaolin Mantis)

Small Hours, Big Town (Jack Trombey) (sleazy, late evening feeling — trombone feature) 02:52

Close Tail (Jack Trombey) (driving, busy) 02:19

On His Own (Jack Trombey) (expressive: light tension) 01:41

Cop-Out (Jack Trombey) (serious, agitated) 01:39

Drama Point III (Jack Trombey) (mysterioso) 00:35

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