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Small group jazz and TV series type incidentals.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3166

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Action Patrol (Peter Reno) (Dramatic, rhythmic) 01:26

In Pursuit (Peter Reno) (Fast version of above) 01:15

In Pursuit – Extra End (Peter Reno) 00:10

Fisherman’s Tale (Peter Reno) (Plaintive harmonica – evening, etc) 02:05

Quest For Treasure (Johnny Hawksworth) (Bold, forceful) 01:11

Mystery Tag 1 (Peter Reno) (Apprehension, terror) 00:09

Mystery Tag 2 (Peter Reno) (As above) 00:19

Mystery Tag 3 (Peter Reno) (Tension point) 00:12

Neutral Tag (Peter Reno) (Gentle, pensive) 00:14

Action Stations (Peter Reno) (Big, brash) 01:12

Fanfare Statement 1 (Peter Reno) (Opening Cr closing motive) 00:10

Fanfare Statement 2 (Peter Reno) (As above) 00:17

Fanfare Statement 3 (Peter Reno) (As above) 00:24

Jungle Campfire – Version 1 (Peter Reno) (Primitive, ominous) 01:30

Jungle Campfire – Version 2 (Peter Reno) (Faster version) 01:12

Sea Spray – Version 1 (Peter Reno) (Proud, expansive) 00:29

Sea Spray – Version 2 (Peter Reno) (As above) 01:23

Stealthily At Night (Peter Reno) (Mysterious, unnerving) 01:45

Solitude Tag (Peter Reno) (Bleak, sad) 00:19

Tracking (Peter Reno) (Light, unusual) 01:22

Underway (Peter Reno) (Relaxed, easy motion) 00:52

Changing Scene Tag (Peter Reno) (Wistful, uncertain) 00:14

Jungle Paths (Peter Reno) (Steady, mysterious motion) 00:32

Side 2

Smiler (Johnny Hawksworth) (Cheerful mover) 00:49

Pop In The Nursery, Part 1 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Beaty medley of well-known nursery-rhymes) 05:25

Pop In The Nursery, Part 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 01:54

Situations (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mid-tempo, neutral) 00:47

Signpost (Johnny Hawksworth) (Busy Jazz-waltz) 01:44

Signpost West (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above) 01:33

Signpost Cool (Johnny Hawksworth) (Bright shuffle-rhythm) 02:20

Signpost Tag (Johnny Hawksworth) (Based on above) 00:07

Motel (Johnny Hawksworth) (Relaxed Jazz-waltz – featured soloists) 03:05

Keep Left (Johnny Hawksworth) (Jazz neutral – bass drums) 01:13

Keep Right (Johnny Hawksworth) (Jazz neutral – percussion) 00:54

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