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Big modern orchestrals, industrial and day-to-day activities.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3170

Release Date: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Power Motive (Keith Papworth) (Pounding, up-tempo – modern activity) 02:58

Today’s World (Keith Papworth) (Big, beaty mover) 02:36

Big Outdoors (Keith Papworth) (Broad, relaxed tempo) 03:06

Flash Point (Keith Papworth) (Staccato, punchy, dramatic – irregular rhythm) 01:13

Flash Point – Extra End (Keith Papworth) 00:11

Formal Presentation (Keith Papworth) (Stately , medium tempo – classical feeling) 01:29

Power Surge (Keith Papworth) (Steady forward movement) 03:24

Walk Tall (Keith Papworth) (Panoramic, expansive – outdoors, etc) 03:11

Bulk In Transit (Keith Papworth) (Rhythmic, mid-tempo) 03:10

Side 2

Matter Of Importance (Keith Papworth) (Bright ceremonial march) 02:41

Civic Affairs (Keith Papworth) (Quietly dignified) 02:45

Moving Structure (John Reids) (Vigorous industrial sound – changes of tempo) 01:18

Daily Toil (John Reids) (Slowish, laborious – unusual) 01:56

Open Spaces (John Reids) (Relaxed, easy-going – up-tempo middle section) 01:51

In A Day’s Work (John Reids) (Busy, mid-tempo) 02:03

Clocking In (John Reids) (Rhythmic, active) 01:45

New Design (John Reids) (Light, cheerful) 02:30

Work Force (John Reids) (Mid-tempo, neutral industrial) 02:21

Out And Away (John Reids) (Pacy, outdoors, movement) 02:14

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