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Comprehensive range of ethnic guitar sounds – National, folk, Country & Western, etc

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Willi Andrea Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3184

Release Date: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Flatrock (Willi Andrea) (Cheerful “Bluegrass” banjo feature) 02:06 (The Kids From 47a TV series theme tune)

Flatrock (Solo Version) (Willi Andrea) (As above) 02:06

Heathlands (Willi Andrea) (Contemplative modern folk theme) 02:10

Jumping In Flatrock (Willi Andrea) (Pacy C&W guitar feature) 02:06

Campfire (Willi Andrea) (Quiet solo guitar) 02:05

Bossa Brazil (Willi Andrea) (Relaxed, Jobim-style) 03:06

Australian Outback (Willi Andrea) (Authentic-flavoured banjo solo) 01:16

Lazyville (Willi Andrea) (Easy going Country group sound) 01:48

Brushwood (Willi Andrea) (Bluesy solo guitar – brash, energetic) 01:54

Moody Guitar (Willi Andrea) (Bluesy solo guitar – slower tempo) 02:20

Side 2

Country & Western (Willi Andrea) (Jog-along tempo – guitar and group) 01:51

Country Jig (Willi Andrea) (Brisk banjo tune) 01:16

Softly Nashville (Willi Andrea) (Gentle, mid-tempo) 01:04

St. Vincent Guitar Calypso (Willi Andrea) (Solo guitar feature) 01:26

Big Stone Hop (Willi Andrea) (Hectic “Bluegrass” sound) 01:53

Big Stone Hop (Solo Version) (Willi Andrea) (As above) 01:44

Children’s Story (Willi Andrea) (Simple, melodic) 01:50

Banjo Street Busker (Willi Andrea) (Snappy banjo and bass drum) 01:36

Street Banjo (Willi Andrea) (Slower version of above) 02:34

Waltzing Matilda (Willi Andrea) (Solo banjo arrangement) 01:05

O’Leary’s Pig (Willi Andrea) (Irish banjo sound) 01:33

Coffee And Beans (Willi Andrea) (Small folk sound) 01:27

12 String Guitar (Willi Andrea) (Bright, tuneful) 01:13

Guitar Tuition (Willi Andrea) (Amateur practice) 00:58

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