Aug 302010

Unusual drama and mood pieces featuring percussion.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 2890

Recording First Published: 1965

Format: 10″ LP

Sound: Mono

Illustrations No. 4 cover art.

The Mystified Man (Pierre Arvay) 02:52 (Shaw Brothers cue – Flag Of Iron theme)

The Hunted Man (Pierre Arvay) 02:56 (Shaw Brothers cue – Invincible Shaolin)

Suspense In The Night (Pierre Arvay) 03:01

Jungle Song (Pierre Arvay) 02:05

The Frightened Man (Pierre Arvay) 04:35

Little Prelude (Pierre Arvay) 01:23

Clouded Crystals (Pierre Arvay) 02:20

Breath Of Fire (Pierre Arvay) 02:58

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