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Illustrative small group impressions -variety of moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3194

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Alibi cover art.

Side 1

Alibi (Peter Reno) (Moody mystery theme) 04:48

Alibi Theme — End (Peter Reno) (Accordion and strings) 00:07

Alibi Link (Peter Reno) (Softly rhythmic sax) 00:45

Summer Noon (Peter Reno) (Languid flute, horn and strings) 01:45

Summer Noon Link I (Peter Reno) (Languid flute, horn and strings) 00:21

Summer Noon Link II (Peter Reno) (Languid flute, horn and strings) 00:31

Contact (Peter Reno) (Sombre, still) 01:25

Dark Passage (Peter Reno) (Rhythmic piccolo feature) 01:44

Theme For Julie (Johnny Hawksworth) (Melodic, romantic) 02:30

Sad Idea (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dark, plaintive) 01:09

Confession (Peter Reno) (Slow piccolo and strings) 01:43

Fifi And Claude (Johnny Hawksworth) (Jaunty waltz featuring accordion) 01:40

Loner (Johnny Hawksworth) (Stillness, despair) 00:47

Flooty (Johnny Hawksworth) (Unusual — soft, rhythmic) 00:26


Side 2

Family Theme (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light, easy-going, melodic) 01:17

Family Theme End (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:06

Family Theme Tag (Johnny Hawksworth) (Gentle celeste) 00:10

Family Theme Link I (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic) 00:06

Family Theme Link II (Johnny Hawksworth) (Repetitive) 00:25

Family Theme Link III (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light mystery) 00:15

Contrast (Peter Reno) (Quiet, pensive) 01:35

Contrast Tag (Peter Reno) (Soft, fanfare and chord) 00:09

Anatole’s Gift (Simon Haseley) (Whimsical, flowing) 02:00

The Happening (Peter Reno) (Soft, vaporous) 01:04

Involvement (Peter Reno) (Light suspense) 01:46

Fair Cop (Johnny Hawksworth) (Plodding, melancholic, humorous) 01:04

Fair Cop Tag (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fast, active) 00:06

Steal Soft (Johnny Hawksworth) (Lightly mysterious) 01:44

Growing Fear (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic builder — dramatic) 01:43

Loophole (Johnny Hawksworth) (Tense anticipation) 01:10

Wild Bongo (Peter Reno) (Free-form, fast) 01:00

Wild Bongo Slow (Peter Reno) (Repetitive rhythm) 01:25

Wild Bongo Medium (Peter Reno) (Repetitive rhythm) 01:08

Wild Bongo Fast (Peter Reno) (Repetitive rhythm) 01:05

Building Bongos (Peter Reno) (Free-form, getting faster) 01:06

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