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Period historical music. Suitable for battles, castles etc. Roman/Greek/Medieval etc.

Orchestra/Group: The Symphonic Ensemble

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 2852

Recording First Published: 1964

Format: 10″ LP

Sound: Mono

Music For A Historical Era cover art

Entrance Of The Emperor (Derek Laren) 02:20

(Additional Opening) (Derek Laren) 00:20

(Additonal Ending) (Derek Laren) 00:20

Plan Of Campaign (Derek Laren) 03:07

Entry Of The Warriors (Derek Laren) 02:27

To The Battlements (Derek Laren) 02:21

Battle Action No. 1 (Derek Laren) 02:59

Fanfare Opening (Derek Laren) 00:45

Battle Action No. 2 (Derek Laren) 00:18

Court Intrigue No. 1 (Derek Laren) 01:58

Court Intrigue No. 2 (Derek Laren) 00:52

In The Arena No. 1 (Derek Laren) 02:21

In The Arena No. 2 (Derek Laren) 01:34

Court Musicians No. 2 (Derek Laren) 01:34

Death Of The Emperor (Derek Laren) 00:56

Far Distant Horn No. 2 (Derek Laren) 01:20

Trumpet Solo No. 1 (Derek Laren) 01:10

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