Apr 222012

Label: Peer International Library Limited

Orchestra/Group: The Scottmen

Cat. Number: P.I.L. 9001

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

The Good Word cover art.

Side A

The Good Word (Johnny Scott) 02:46

Way To Meet (Johnny Scott) 03:24

Feverish (Johnny Scott) 02:19

Fabricated Pop (Johnny Scott) 02:48

Moon And Girl (Johnny Scott) 02:33

Beauty In The Sun (Johnny Scott) 02:56

Pop Regality (Johnny Scott) 01:53

Side B

Power Sway (Johnny Scott) 03:04

Sitar Sitter (Johnny Scott) 02:54

Spanish Gold (Johnny Scott) 02:23

Jelly Roll Pop (Johnny Scott) 02:33

Bossa-Norga-Nova (Johnny Scott) 02:47

Popcorn (Johnny Scott) 02:09

Blue Beating (Johnny Scott) 02:26

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