Apr 292012

Label: Peer International Library Limited

Cat. Number: P.I.L. 9019

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Contrasts In Jazz, Vol. 3 cover art.

Side A

Shadow Of Narcissus (Colin Beaton) 03:04

Fine And Funky (Colin Beaton) 05:12

On The Dot (Colin Beaton) 03:24

Flamenco Prayer (Colin Beaton) 05:00

Notta Bossa (Colin Beaton) 03:52

Side B

Herman’s Habit (Johnny Scott) 03:23

Don’t Count (Barry Forgie) 02:55

Miller Moonlight (Peter Dennis) 03:32

Kenton Style (Anthony King) 03:29

Lauding The Duke (Bill Geldard) 03:49

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