May 132012

Heavy contemporary Rock Music.

Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH2

Recording First Published: 1978

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Guitar Freeway (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) Heavy riff-laden piece featuring high piercing guitar solos) 02:47

Portugalia (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Fast Afro-rock featuring drums & congas solo & very busy guitar. Long repeat fade) 03:04

Musical Seasons (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Fast guitar & glock riff in 5/4 time alternating between 4/4 rhythm featuring clavinet & tambourine) 01:53

Tension In The City (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (30 second drum solo, fast guitar solo & clavinet riff) 02:00

Dirty Rat (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Medium tempo blues featuring guitar solo & clavinet solo) 01:30

Electric Blitz (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Fast driving boogie featuring howling guitar) 01:07

The Mysteries Of Mars (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Fast & very catchy) 00:30

Jazz Man’s Jig (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Jazzy type jig in a 2/2 feel with guitar playing the melody) 00:30

Dominique’s Blues (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Slow, heavy blues featuring guitar, then clavinet & finally a fast guitar solo) 03:00

Coco De Mer (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Heavy guitar riffs in a 3/4 & 4/4 time) 00:50

Get It While It’s Going (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Drum intro. Heavy guitar riffs) 01:00

Two Light Years Away (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Fast. Exciting 4/4 fee.) 00:33

Sail With The Sound (Miki Antony & Tom Parker) (Fast with wailing guitar) 00:32

Side B

Cooking Along (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Disco type, Modern 12 bar blues. Phased guitar lead) 02:32

Electra Streak (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Slow ‘Tubular Bells’ type opening theme then edit point at 1:48 changing to rock tempo organ solo then original theme) 03:30

Funko (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Pop/rock. Danceable. Moog solo) 02:19

Earthy (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Medium tempo. Cool soul featuring electric piano) 02:47

Moving Scene (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Medium tempo moog feature with ‘Shaft’ guitar) 00:43

Elonora (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Very melodic organ solo. Slow) 00:45

Reggae Holiday (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Medium tempo reggae) 00:48

Short Stop (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Medium tempo riff in 5/4 time) 00:16

Shunt (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Short sting played on a synthesizer) 00:09

Havin’ A Ball (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Typical rock band. Organ start then Debussy type piano. Change to fast tempo with wild organ solo) 02:40

C For Charlie (Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (Big band rock. Cool electric piano with brass riffs. Guitar in middle) 02:00

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