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Light, modern small group pieces, featuring harp, in a variety of moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3244

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Harp Sarabande (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Relaxing , lilting 6 /8) 02:49

Turtle Toes (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Rhythmic, mid-tempo) 02:58

Pink Sway (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Light, airy) 03:22

Meadows (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Gentle, flowing, pastorale) 02:43

Boo Boo (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Jaunty, march-like) 02:43

Summer Scene (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Lyrical, rhythmic) 03:15

Rubber-Dub (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Carefree, perky) 02:54

Alley Cat (Reg Tilsley) (Unusual mid-tempo ‘”swing” – style) 02:01

Side 2

Zest (Reg Tilsley) (Bright bubbling movement) 02:20

Shady (Simon Haseley) (Gentle rhythmic, melodic) 02:48

Ladybird (Reg Tilsley) (Soft, smooth, swaying) 02:26

Vitamin ‘A’ (Simon Haseley) (Exuberant, up-tempo) 02:40

Sunburst (Simon Haseley) (Unusual, moody, slow – building intro and end) 03:21

Patron (Reg Tilsley) (Mid-tempo incidental – unusual rhythms) 02:09

Clean Air (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Light bossa – outdoors, etc) 03:55

Leafy Lane (Peter Reno / Peter Fenn) (Delicate, wistful) 02:50

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