Jun 132012

Authentic National music from Vietnam, Tibet, Pakistan and India.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3256

Format: LP

Recording First Published: Not Known

Sound: Mono

Side One


Buddhist Burial (W. Po) (Bells, percussion & reed instruments) 01:00

Prayers To Bodhisattva (W. Po) (Children chanting, with percussion; fairly slow) 02:58

Sword Dance (W. Po) (Percussion and voices) 03:37

Sword Dance Vers. 2 (W. Po) (Similar to above) 02:26

Girl Soldiers Song 1 (W. Po) (Stirring girls’ voices) 00:39

Girl Soldiers Song 2 (W. Po) (Similar to above) 01:03

Lantern Song (W. Po) (Children’s voices and percussion) 04:53


Buddhist Prayer (J. Pudi) (Men’s voices, chanting) 01:14

Children’s Song (J. Pudi) (Children’s voices and instrumental accompaniment) 02:56

 Side Two


Polo Orchestra (L. Kandari) (Reed instruments and percussion) 01:11

Music Of Kashmir No. 1 (L. Kandari) (Flutes, string instruments & percussion; fluctuating tempi) 02:56

Music Of Kashmir No. 2 (L. Kandari) (Similar to above) 02:33

Music Of Kashmir No. 3 (L. Kandari) (Similar to above) 02:02

Pakistani Flute (L. Kandari) (Solo flute; mysterious) 02:47

Pakistani Atmosphere (L. Kandari) (Reed instruments and percussion) 03:03


Indian Ballet Music (H. Assam) (Voices, whistling, sitars and percussion) 01:43

Indian Atmosphere (H. Assam) (Bustling reed and percussion, instruments) 00:43

Hindu Misc.

Hindu Dance No. 1 (B. Singh) (Rhythmic percussion and crowd atmosphere) 01:03

Hindu Dance No. 2 (B. Singh) (Rhythmic percussion, voices and flute) 01:09

Hindu Dance No. 3 (B. Singh) (Rhythmic percussion, flutes etc.) 01:51

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