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Synthesizer pieces with a light feel suitable for comedy, children, light drama, call-signs.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DWS/LP 3304

Recording First Published: 1975

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side 1

Merrydown (Derek Scott) (cheerful, active, light melody) 02:15

Prelude For Frogs (Derek Scott) (classical feel, rippling undertones) 01:08

Fugarock (Derek Scott) (restrained, dignified organ sound with percussion) 01:28 (Dawn Of The Dead cue)

Sounds Unusual (Derek Scott) (funky, weird, semi-mysterious) 02:54

Sounds Unusual Extra End (Derek Scott) (as above) 00:08

Zap (Derek Scott) (call-sign over glissandi) 00:12 (Dawn Of The Dead cue)

Telex (Derek Scott) (dramatic, important call-sign) 00:15

Isobars (Derek Scott) (ascending and descending synthesizer runs) 00:10

Pins And Needles (Derek Scott) (frenetic, semi-comic phrase) 00:07

Racing Cert (Derek Scott) (humorous, jig-style, active number) 00:22

Scarey I (Derek Scott) (mysterioso effects) 00:24 (Dawn Of The Dead cue)

Scarey II (Derek Scott) (as above – outer space, etc.) 00:24 (Dawn Of The Dead cue)

Two Minutes Precisely (Derek Scott) (rhythmic, percussive builder with break) 02:00 (Shaw Brothers cue – Ten Tigers Of Kwang Tung)

Side 2

Popla (Derek Scott) (light dramatic melody, steady rhythm) 03:17

Woo! (Derek Scott) (rhythmic, relaxed bluesy feel) 02:32

Up The Workers (Derek Scott) (dramatic, pacy, continual riff with effects) 01:27

Pillow Talk (Derek Scott) (slow, dreamy, romantic) 02:27

Emma (Derek Scott) (light-hearted, active 5/8) 02:12

The Lone Raver (Derek Scott) (nostalgic melody, slight western feel) 02:40

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