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A mixture of Jazz/Bach and big band pieces.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3088

Recording First Published: 1968

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Quietly With Johann cover art.

Side 1

Quietly With Johann (Reg Tilsley) (Sedate jazz Bach featuring flugel and harpsichord) 01:58

Race With Bach (Reg Tilsley) (Racing tempo jazz in Bach style) 01:50

Travel With Bach (Reg Tilsley) (Medium tempo featuring flute – quaint) 02:13

Bread Brain (Reg Tilsley); (John Gray) (Jaunty big band swinger) 01:49

Summer Story (Reg Tilsley) (Medium tempo jazz Bach piece instrumentation as above) 02:09

Side 2

Mark Time (Reg Tilsley); (R. Leonard) (Big band – happy go lucky) 03:02

The Troll (Reg Tilsley) (Big band novelty piece – medium tempo) 02:52

Two Down, One Up (Reg Tilsley); (Reg Wale) (Easy paced big band swinger) 02:21

Nightride (Reg Tilsley) (Light pleasant travel tempo – sight seeing etc.) 01:12

Sasha (Reg Tilsley); (A. Liebano) (Big intro. into traditional jazz over big band backing) 01:38

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