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Dynamic and modern industrial – general and links.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3102

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Newsdesk (Keith Papworth) (Semi-dramatic – modern) 03:12

Scoop (Keith Papworth) (Modern mover) 03:27

Giro (Keith Papworth) (Urgency – action) 03:06

The Right Type (Keith Papworth) (Typewriter feature) 03:11

Stranger In Manhattan (Earl Ward) (Title music) 02:36

Tickertape (Keith Papworth) (Sustained urgency) 03:32

Side 2

High Spirits (Keith Papworth) (Light hearted piano feature) 02:57

Think Thin (Keith Papworth) (Sunny – bright) 02:46

Well Wisher (Keith Papworth) (Happy go lucky) 02:52

Spindoe (Opening Section) (D. Hilton) (Title) 00:53 (Spindoe TV series theme tune)

Cue No. 6 (D. Hilton) (General activity link) 03:29

Cue No. 7 (D. Hilton) (Medium slow – smooth) 02:11

Cue No. 5 (D. Hilton); (Keith Papworth); (Earl Ward) (Impending action and general) 02:52

Cue No. 1 (D. Hilton) (Link) 00:11

(D. Hilton); (Keith Papworth); (E. Ward)

Cue No. 2 (D. Hilton) (Link) 00:12

Cue No. 3 (D. Hilton) (Link) 00:07

Cue No. 4 (D. Hilton) (Link) 00:09

Cue No. 9 (D. Hilton) (Link) 00:09

Cue No. 8 (D. Hilton) (Link) 00:24

Spindoe (Closing Section) (D. Hilton) (End titles) 01:04

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