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Small group string sound with various additional colours.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Hawksworth Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3127

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Tickle Your Fancy (Johnny Hawksworth) (Quaint swinger) 01:56

3/4 Jazz (Johnny Hawksworth) (Up-tempo sax feature) 01:42

Gentle Event (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dreamy Bossa-Nova) 04:10

Schoolday (Johnny Hawksworth) (Carefree, happy) 00:42

Colour Petting (Johnny Hawksworth) (Softly swinging) 01:02

Outdoor Scenes (Johnny Hawksworth) (Countryside) 01:01

Water Colours (Johnny Hawksworth) (Languid sounds) 01:41

Twinkle Toes (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dainty pizzicato strings) 00:50

Elusive Samantha (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sexy swinger) 02:03

Tickle Your Fancy (Johnny Hawksworth) (Short version) 00:26

Side 2

Tapestry Pattern (Tempo No. 1) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Easy-going, mid-tempo) 00:47

Tapestry Pattern (Tempo No. 2) (Johnny Hawksworth) (More relaxed) 01:02

Tapestry Pattern (Link No. 1) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Opening 2 bars) 00:07

Tapestry Pattern (Link No. 2) (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above, no rhythm section) 00:06

Tapestry Pattern (Link No. 3) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slower tempo) 01:10

Palm Court (Johnny Hawksworth) (Humorous ‘Palm Court’ pastiche) 01:13

Amber Turning Mauve (Johnny Hawksworth) (Bedtime mood) 02:08

Undertow (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dark, dramatic drumming) 00:39

Undertow (Extra End) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:08

Sweet Dignity (Johnny Hawksworth) (Gentle string quintet) 01:02

Meadow Brook (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light pastorale) 01:25

Meadow Brook (Extra End) (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:12

Changing Seasons (Johnny Hawksworth) (Romantic, soft sounds) 01:30

String Quartet (Johnny Hawksworth) (In a classical style) 05:40

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