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Varied authentic group impressions of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3148

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Brisk Balalaika (Janos Lehar) (Bouncing Eastern European march) 02:14

The Volga (Traditional – Arranged By Janos Lehar) (Reflective folk arrangement) 02:09

Hava Nagila (Traditional – Arranged By Janos Lehar) (Up-tempo, traditional) 01:36

Tel Aviv (Traditional – Arranged By Janos Lehar) (Bright Israeli tune) 02:08

Jewish Onkel (Janos Lehar) (Steady tempo fiddle feature) 02:18

Olive Branch (Janos Lehar) (Contemplative – alto flute) 02:05

Side 2

Play Gypsy (Janos Lehar) (Fast czardus) 01:26

Gypsy Mood (Janos Lehar) (Slow czardus) 01:27

From Eastern Europe (Janos Lehar) (Pacy cimbalon feature) 01:48

Two Guitars (Traditional – Arranged By Janos Lehar) (Romantic, traditional changes of tempo) 02:09

Arabian Nights Version 1 (John Leach) (Solo qanun – night clubs, etc.) 01:13

Arabian Nights Version 2 (John Leach) (As above, with accompaniment) 01:15

Camels (John Leach) (Medium tempo, deserts, etc.) 01:24

Qanun Mood (John Leach) (Arabic solo instrument) 01:56

Qanun Tuning Up (John Leach) (As above) 00:54

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