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Small group, jazz and industrial.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3149

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

A Day In The Life Of cover art.

Side 1

A Day In The Life Of (Johnny Hawksworth) (Gently rhythmic, Latin feel) 01:52

A Day In The Life Of (Flute Version) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Slower version, flute Cr piano) 00:26

A Day In The Life Of (Piccolo Version) (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above, piccolo Cr piano) 00:24

Flute For Bread (Johnny Hawksworth) (Bright tempo, jazz mood) 01:33

This Way Up (Johnny Hawksworth) (Beaty mid-tempo, industrial, etc.) 01:26

Smoking And Thinking (Johnny Hawksworth) (Trumpet and guitar, plaintive and romantic) 01:27

What’s On (Johnny Hawksworth) (Solid, repetitive – wild flute) 01:33

Like It’s News (Johnny Hawksworth) (Brisk happy mover) 01:25

Up And Downer (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythmic, relaxed – trumpet feature) 01:34

Side 2

Mechanical Maze (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fluid pattern of moving parts) 01:17

Statistics (Johnny Hawksworth) (Busy, staccato movement) 01:25

Test Lab (Johnny Hawksworth) (Dry, mechanical – hint of mystery) 02:25

Of Light Importance (Johnny Hawksworth) (Flowing, easy-tempo) 01:26

Cloud Patterns (Johnny Hawksworth) (Languid stillness) 01:31

Dotted Line (Johnny Hawksworth) (Happy shoulder-shrugger) 01:31

Cloud Formation (Johnny Hawksworth) (Warm, thoughtful) 01:08

Lone Heart (Johnny Hawksworth) (Very slow, melancholic) 02:06

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