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Modern big-band sounds.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The London Big Sound

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3179

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Tilsley Orchestral No. 9 cover art.

Side 1

Vision (D. Bradford) (Bluesy. up-tempo 7/4 – featuring piano) 01:56

Radical Chick (D. Bradford) (Mid-tempo big band beat number) 02:05

Apocalypse (Reg Tilsley) (Pounding TV-type theme, fanfare opening) 01:25

New City Sound (Peter Reno) (Unusual big orchestral mover) 02:06

Broadway (Peter Reno) (Sultry, relaxed 6/8 rhythm) 02:24

Night Beat (Peter Reno) (Brash, rhythmic) 02:50

Freewheeler (Reg Tilsley) (Modern, bright, up-tempo) 02:25

Gaytown (Peter Reno) (Fast, beaty) 02:05

Side 2

Bite Back (Reg Tilsley) (Heavy, incisive, rhythmic) 02:19

State Fair (Peter Reno) (Cheerful, melodic, up-tempo) 02:05

Shakedown (Peter Reno) (Strongly rhythmic – dramatic feeling) 02:00

Wharfside (Peter Reno) (Soulful, melodic) 02:54

Easy Autumn (Peter Reno) (Relaxed, waltz-tempo) 02:47

Big Chance (Peter Reno) (Light, beaty) 02:34

Main Street (Peter Reno) (Purposeful swinger) 02:35

Ferocity Fanfare (Reg Tilsley) (Vivid, percussive brass) 00:20

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