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Comprehensive range of commercial jingles in every mood, played to length.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3180

Recording First Published: 1970

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Soft Sell

She (Barry Stoller) (Melodic, romantic) 01:00

She (Version 2) (Barry Stoller) (As above) 00:30

High Living (Barry Stoller) (Cool, sophisticated) 01:00

Sheen (Barry Stoller) (Luxurious, floating) 01:00

Sheen (Version 2) (Barry Stoller) (As above) 00:29

Gentle Sex (Barry Stoller) (Relaxed, gentle) 00:30

Mona Lisa (Barry Stoller) (Sparkling) 00:30

Weekend (Barry Stoller) (Warm, simple) 00:30

Floral Display (Barry Stoller) (Refined, delicate) 00:30

Night Life (Barry Stoller) (Lush, Latin feel) 00:59

Evening Meal (Barry Stoller) (Gently rhythmic guitar) 00:14

Flying High (Barry Stoller) (Cool, exotic — open air) 01:00

Intimate Whisper (Barry Stoller) (Relaxed “cocktail” sound) 00:29

Get Found (Barry Stoller) (Light, fluid movement) 00:31

Lush Life (Barry Stoller) (Gentle, mid-tempo) 00:30

Night Cap (Barry Stoller) (Easy-going, rhythmic) 00:30

Night Cap (Version 2) (Barry Stoller) (Rhythm track to above) 00:30

Log Cabin (Barry Stoller) (Soft, warm — tropical feel) 00:30

Ice Cool (Barry Stoller) (Slow, intimate) 00:30

Hard Sell

Commercial Breakthrough (Barry Stoller) (Powerful, rhythmic — importance) 00:29

Commercial Slant (Barry Stoller) (Similar to above) 00:30

Brand X (Barry Stoller) (Snappy, melodic) 00:59

Brand X (Version 2) (Barry Stoller) (As above) 00:30

Smart Wear (Barry Stoller) (Active, rugged) 00:30

Top Seller (Barry Stoller) (Brash, march-tempo) 01:00

Washed Out (Barry Stoller) (Violent, percussive) 00:30

Bulletin (Barry Stoller) (Insistent, dynamic) 00:14

Novelty & Comedy

Tubby The Bath (Barry Stoller) (Vocal novelty — animation, etc.) 00:30

Droopy Draws (Barry Stoller) (Chirpy, mid-tempo) 00:29

Fluky (Barry Stoller) (Melodic, jogging rhythm) 01:00

Today’s Bargain (Barry Stoller) (Light-hearted, frothy) 00:14

Skip Along (Barry Stoller) (Cheerful, carefree) 00:59

Jawbone (Barry Stoller) (Bright “clickety-clack” sound) 00:30

Jingle Cha Cha (Barry Stoller) (Mid-tempo cha-cha) 00:29

Side 2

Light, Cheerful — Outdoors, Etc

Transatlantic (Barry Stoller) (Sunny, rhythmic) 00:29

Open Roadster (Barry Stoller) (Pacy, bright) 00:15

Ball Game (Barry Stoller) (Boisterous, march-like) 00:30

Going Places (Barry Stoller) (Smooth, quick — motion) 00:29

Quick Sale (Barry Stoller) (Perky, carefree) 00:14

Airline Ticket (Barry Stoller) (Cool, easy movement) 00:29

Moody Dramatic

Rat Trap (Barry Stoller) (Mystery, spies, etc. — 2 parts) 00:29

Rat Trap (Version 2) (Barry Stoller) (Mystery, spies, etc.) 00:29

For And Against (Barry Stoller) (Throbbing suspense — changes of mood) 01:00 (Shaw Brothers cue – Return To The 36th Chamber)

Sweet Intrigue (Barry Stoller) (Medium slow — cool) 00:30

Clip Joint (Barry Stoller) (Pounding guitar sound) 00:30

Is It Magic? (Barry Stoller) (Ethereal, mystery) 00:29

Driving Through (Barry Stoller) (Active moody) 01:00

Driving Through (Version 2) (Barry Stoller) (As above) 00:29

Driving Through (Version 3) (Barry Stoller) (As above) 00:14

The Big And The Lonely (Barry Stoller) (Big theme — deliberate rhythm) 01:00

Funky Man (Barry Stoller) (Earthy pop sound) 00:29

Cascade (Barry Stoller) (Gradual slow build to falling end) 00:29

Speed (Barry Stoller) (Restless, active) 00:15 (Dawn On The Dead – The Crazies cue)

Thrust (Barry Stoller) (Violent, percussive — horrific growling F/X) 01:00

Rock ‘n’ Roll Band (Barry Stoller) (Rock group — 12 bar blues) 01:00

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