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Brass band music by Watney Mann’s award-winning band.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Watney Mann Band

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3186

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Performing Brass cover art.

Side 1

Join The Parade (Keith Papworth) (Jaunty, rousing) 02:21

Gas Works Lane (Keith Papworth) (Plaintive, thoughtful) 03:29

Power Pack (Keith Papworth) (Bright movement – industrial, etc.) 03:18

Three Little Maids (Keith Papworth) (Cheery, rhythmic) 01:43

Trooping The Colour (Keith Papworth) (Ceremonial, stately) 02:45

Waltzin’ Brass (Keith Papworth) (Gentle, refined) 01:18

Growing Generation (Keith Papworth) (Slow, expansive) 03:21

Waltzing Matilda (Keith Papworth) (Fresh, bright arrangement) 00:59

Side 2

Bandstand (Keith Papworth) (Light, up-tempo) 02:04

Hymn To St. Christopher (Keith Papworth) (Slow religioso) 01:52

Captain Of The Pinafore (Keith Papworth) (Rhythmic, bright) 02:05

Round The Horn (Keith Papworth) (Steady, surging motion) 03:59

A Wandering Minstrel (Keith Papworth) (Quiet, pensive) 02:19

Sunday Call (Version 1) (Keith Papworth) (Amateur band style – deliberate mistakes) 02:19

Sunday Call (Version 2) (Keith Papworth) (As above, without echo) 01:38

Auld Lang Syne (Keith Papworth) (Slow, solemn) 01:23

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