Oct 072011

Label: Hudson

Cat. Number: HMCS/LP 515

Release Date: 1976

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

That's Life cover art.

Side 1

That’s Life (Peter Fenn) (Up-tempo, breezy, steel guitar feature) 02:29

Happy Chat (Peter Fenn) (Light, lilting) 03:23

Hopscotch (Peter Fenn) (Bouncy, light-hearted) 02:04

Slumderland (Peter Fenn) (Dreamy, soft) 02:30

Grass Skirt (Peter Fenn) (Quick, lively steel guitar feature) 02:37

Hills And Dales (Peter Fenn) (Mid-tempo, gentle) 02:55

Lazy Weekend (Peter Fenn) (Easy-going, neutral) 02:59

Side 2

March Of The Puppets (Peter Fenn) (Light, brisk march) 03:22

Puppy Love (Peter Fenn) (Simple, warm) 02:46

Happy Island (Peter Fenn) (Active, bustling steel guitar) 03:39

Coffee Time (Peter Fenn) (Jazzy, neutral) 02:35

Elevenses (Peter Fenn) (Warm, light-hearted) 02:13

Latin Lover (Peter Fenn) (Sensuous, swaying) 03:16

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