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Label: Hudson

Cat. Number: HMC/LP 510

Recording First Published: 1974

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

So Fantastico (Roland DeCande) (Apocalyptic, discordant mesh of sound) 04:27

Chicken Wire And Hen’s Nest (Roland DeCande) (Lively, percussive, cataclysmic) 03:42

Neurotic Bird (Roland DeCande) (Jerky, uncertain, frenetic) 04:31

Broody Moody Joody (Roland DeCande) (Doomy, repetitive) 03:41

Weird Dream (Stuart Hondes) (Ethereal, glittering, visionary) 02:54

Side 2

Mr Plinky’s Prank (Stuart Hondes) (Perky, bouncy, zestful – jangle piano feature) 02:37

Plinky’s Silent Chase (Stuart Hondes) (Fast, breathless, jangle piano) 01:55

Joyful Waltz (Stuart Hondes) (Lilting, happy – jangle piano) 01:57

Galop Mustang (Gerard Doulssane); (Jean Phillippe Delamarre) (Driving, up-tempo sax and guitar feature) 02:15

Sardane Soleil (Gerard Doulssane); (Jean Phillippe Delamarre) (Pert, rhythmic, piccolo feature) 02:27

Mechanical High Jinks (Stuart Hondes) (Active, fast, jangle piano) 02:50

Cake Walk (Stuart Hondes) (As above) 01:52

Glock Sound (Guy Boyer) (Sparkling, jaunty) 01:48

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