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General pieces played by large orchestra and small band in a modern style.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The International Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3209

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Roving Eye (Jack Trombey (Vigorous, rhythmic, active) 02:37

Double Or Quits (Peter Milray) (Beaty, exuberant) 02:46

Eye Level (Jack Trombey (Easy-going tempo, melodic) 02:20

Private Eye (Jack Trombey (Brisk, rhythmic, imposing) 02:34

Eye Shadow (Jack Trombey (Moody, melancholy theme) 02:40

High Diplomacy (Reg Tilsley) (Furtive, hesitant – air of grandeur) 02:22

Open Season (Peter Milray) (Big, movement – open spaces etc.) 02:10

Big Deal (Peter Milray) (Beaty, important) 02:34

Totem Pole (Paul Kass) (Brash, fast, punchy) 00:31

Totem Pole Version 2 (Paul Kass) (as above) 00:30

Totem Pole Version 3 (Paul Kass) (as above) 00:30

Totem Pole Tag (Paul Kass) 00:05

Side 2

Tonight (Johnny Hawksworth) (Fast, beaty) 01:24

The Shepherds (Johnny Hawksworth) (Wistful oboe melody) 02:04

Laugh In (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light-hearted, beery) 03:19

Laugh Out (Johnny Hawksworth) (Jaunty walking rhythm) 01:42

Sorry For You (Johnny Hawksworth) (Ponderous cor-anglais feature) 01:03

Popette (Johnny Hawksworth) (Cute, rhythmic organ feature) 01:52

Police Five (Johnny Hawksworth) (Driving, brassy titles, etc.) 01:13

Ricky Tick (Johnny Hawksworth) (Comic, percussive, rhythmic) 01:22

Ricky Tick Version 2 (Johnny Hawksworth) (Faster tempo) 01:09

Ricky Tick Version 3 (Johnny Hawksworth) (As above, no drums) 01:09

On The Graveside (Johnny Hawksworth) (Ponderous, funereal) 01:12

The Creeps (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sombre, mysterious, horrific) 00:25

News Extra (Johnny Hawksworth) (Bright, modern) 00:33

Hickstick (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mid-tempo swinger) 00:28

Quick Hick (Johnny Hawksworth) (Faster version of above) 00:25

Home & Dry (Johnny Hawksworth) (Mid-tempo swinger) 00:25

Hit (Johnny Hawksworth) (Repetitive drum rhythms) 00:39

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