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A wide selection of moods played by a combination of small group and string quintet.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3229

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Free As Air cover art.

Side 1

Freeway (Roger Webb) (Brisk, rhythmic, modern movement) 02:01

My Lady (Roger Webb) (Dignified, melodic) 03:06

Riviera (Roger Webb) (Relaxed, warm) 03:47

Blackbird (Roger Webb) (Delicate, simple) 01:49

Incantation (Roger Webb) (Unusual, furtive mood) 02:59

Gentle Unisax (Roger Webb) (Gentle bossa feel; “sweet” string introduction) 03:44

Air For Two (Roger Webb) (Lilting mid-tempo) 02:01

Cellody (Roger Webb) (Slow, serious, melodic) 03:33

Side 2

Follow On Fast (Roger Webb) (Pacy, swirling outdoor movement) 02:45

Dream Boat (Roger Webb) (Light, relaxed, mid-tempo) 02:38

Meet Mister Mee (Roger Webb) (Earthy, rhythmic) 03:00

Free As Air (Roger Webb) (Pleasant, light, easy-going) 02:39

Two Moods For Jackie (Roger Webb) (Two sections; Light mysterious movement leading to soft, romantic) 04:17

Smoke Rings (Roger Webb) (Bluesy, night-club mood) 05:10


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