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Modern rock group sounds playing a selection of industrial and neutral pieces.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3228

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Prototype cover art.

Side 1

Rockpile (Paul Kass) (Solid, driving, mid-tempo) 02:29

Throb (Paul Kass) (Busy activity over persistent bass) 02:13

Good Move (Paul Kass) (Easy-paced, neutral) 01:59

Filibuster (Paul Kass) (Pounding, rhythmic – with breaks) 03:03

Causeway (Paul Kass) (Brisk, heavy movement) 03:27

Fast Burner (Paul Kass) (Easy-paced opening – fast second half) 02:04

Heavy Mob (Paul Kass) (Vigorous, beaty) 02:39

Persistence (Paul Kass) (Unusual light mover) 01:22

Side 2

Propshaft (Simon Haseley) (Steady, repetitive, mid-tempo) 02:08

Sunlight (Simon Haseley) (Light, gentle, flowing) 03:06

Compressor (Simon Haseley) (Persistent, heavy) 03:32

Holiday Job (Simon Haseley) (Brisk, carefree, rhythmic) 03:35

Prototype (Simon Haseley) (Bustling, active) 01:59

Hammer Man (Simon Haseley) (Heavy, deliberate rhythm) 02:00

Delivery (Simon Haseley) (Light, rhythmic – constant movement) 02:00

Response (Simon Haseley) (Relaxed, neutral) 04:11

Response (Simon Haseley) (Extra End) 00:12

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