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Four orchestral movements written in symphonic style and a selection of characteristic classical-style pieces.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3237

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1 – Four orchestral movements in Symphonic style

Prelude (Emil Paladilhe) 06:20

Scherzo In ‘A’ Major (Emil Paladilhe) 05:16

Moresca I (Emil Paladilhe) 02:04

Moresca II (Emil Paladilhe) 04:03

Side 2 – Characteristic Classical-style pieces

Evergreen (Jack Trombey (Wistful, gentle) 02:45

Ode To Claude (Jack Trombey (In the style of Debussy – relaxed, nebulous) 03:47

Ode To Felix (Jack Trombey (In the style of Mendelssohn – lyrical, flowing) 03:08

Ode To Igor (Jack Trombey (In the style of Stravinsky – mysterious, exotic)

Ode To Edward (Jack Trombey (In the style of Elgar – proud national flavour) 02:55

Ode To Richard (Jack Trombey (In the style of Wagner – boisterous, billowing movement) 02:50

The Crinoline (Jack Trombey (Stately, light-classical) 02:49

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