Mar 312012

Up-to-date group and orchestral sounds, with the accent on movement and rhythm, in mainly dramatic moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3243

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Hogan, The Hawk & Dirty John Crown cover art.

Side 1

The Hawk (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Earthy, driving – featuring Synthesiser) 02:56

The Happening (Simon Haseley) (Carefree, rhythmic builder) 02:14

Main Chance (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Moody, beaty – featuring Synthesiser) 03:04

Hogan Baby (Simon Haseley) (Soft, rounded, bluesy feel) 03:39

Dirty John Crown (Gordon Grant) (Pounding, incisive, semi-dramatic) 02:54

Swarf (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Colourful mid-tempo neutral) 02:27

Turnover (Reg Tilsley) (Bright, snappy, carefree) 02:29

Tarantula (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Rhythmic, light-dramatic – featuring Synthesiser) 02:31

Side 2

Precinct (Simon Haseley) (Funky, dramatic, driving) 03:32

Sidewinder Version 1 (Simon Haseley) (Rolling, robust, exuberant) 02:06

Pressure (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Persistent movement, activity) 02:45

Call Me (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Medium-tempo organ feature) 02:56

Scorch (Gordon Grant) (Aggressive, dramatic) 02:10

Digger (Alan Parker / William Parrish) (Furtive background) 02:10

Marianne (Reg Tilsley) (Light, melodic, romantic) 04:08

Sidewinder Version 2 (Simon Haseley) (Faster version) 01:55

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