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A selection of themes, activity underscores and neutral sequences in a very modern vein.

Label: KPM

Cat. Number: KPM 1111

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side A

Time Trial (Mike Vickers) (Powerful percussive movement) 02:09

Power Game (Mike Vickers) (Repetitive propulsive underlay) 02:23

Superman (Mike Vickers) (Heavy forceful movement) 02:18

Power Surge (Mike Vickers) (Imposing surging chords over heavy mechanical bass line) 02:14

Night Shift (Mike Vickers) (Medium pace, motive underlay) 02:43

Undercurrent (Mike Vickers) (Sustained suspense) 02:17

Side B

March Of Progress (Mike Vickers) (Strident dramatic theme) 02:19

Tour Of Industry (Mike Vickers) (Medium pace percussive underscore) 03:05

Round The Clock (Mike Vickers) (Short phrases over boogie rhythm – ideal for cutting purposes) 02:01

Jet Set (Mike Vickers) (Buoyant – lively – up tempo) 02:08

Light N’ Easy (Mike Vickers) (Light active open air) 01:40

The Bounce (Mike Vickers) (Tuneful relaxed bounce) 02:32

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