May 232012


Label: Bruton

Cat. Number: BRH9

Recording First Published: 1979

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side A

Project 2001 (Frank Ricotti) (Urgent, percussive) 01:33

Strength Of Man (Frank Ricotti) (Unceasing power) 02:17

Wheels Of Time (Frank Ricotti) (Automated processes) 02:04

Raw Energy (Paul Keogh) (Heavy, forceful) 02:04

Breakthrough (Paul Keogh) (Rugged, positive) 01:49

Shape Of Things To Come (Paul Keogh) (Suspended) 03:00

High Efficiency (Harold Fisher) (Continuous action) 01:47

Generator (Harold Fisher) (Electro-motion) 01:38

Main Objective (Harold Fisher) (Successful) 01:17

Side B

Protopulse (Trevor Bastow) (Higher technology) 01:50

Protopulse Ending 2 (Trevor Bastow) (Button end) 00:07

Prototype (Trevor Bastow) (Confident end titles) 00:28

Past Present And Beyond (Trevor Bastow) (Progressive) 02:10

Power Plant (Trevor Bastow) (Hidden power) 01:30

Nova (Trevor Bastow) (Clean and fresh) 01:35

Technovation (Les Hurdle) (Confident) 02:01

Technovation At Home (Les Hurdle) (Restful) 01:55

Technovation In Motion (Les Hurdle) (Efficient motion) 01:28

Technovation In Action (Les Hurdle) (Hurried activity) 02:54

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