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Dramatic themes and backgrounds played by modern orchestra and group.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3262

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Black Pearl cover art

Side One

Next Stop L.A. (Alan Hawkshaw) (Pacy, fresh – Outdoors) 03:04

Miraculous Dream (Alan Hawkshaw) (Big romantic orchestral guitar and piano featured) 03:01

Collect (Alan Hawkshaw) (Powerful, active theme) 02:25

Tryst (Alan Hawkshaw) (Romantic piano and orchestra) 03:15

Sunny Monday (Alan Hawkshaw) (Cheerful, easy-going) 02:18

Oh! Militia (Alan Hawkshaw) (Exuberant, martial) 02:02

The Vamp (Alan Hawkshaw) (Seedy ‘honky-tonk’ piano) 02:04

Night Of The Garter (Alan Hawkshaw) (As above – slow tempo) 02:14

Side Two

Choctaw (Alan Parker) (Driving, furtive, dramatic) 02:22

Melody And Lace (Alan Parker) (Delicate, warm, melodic) 03:39

Black Pearl (Alan Parker) (Mysterious, exotic, up-tempo) 02:31

Blue Shadow (Alan Parker) (Mysterious, exotic, slow tempo) 03:15

Monochrome (Alan Parker) (Lonely, plaintive) 04:20

No Return (Alan Parker) (Relaxed, pensive) 02:57

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