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Small orchestral moods for a variety of industrial settings.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3263

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Output cover art

Side One

Output (John Reids) (Punchy, aggressive) 01:48

Waits And Measures (John Reids) (Pensive, flowing undercurrent) 02:35

Joint Measure (John Reids) (Active movement) 02:02

Blow-Torch (John Reids) (Semi-dramatic ominous) 02:25

In Stock (John Reids) (Light, relaxed) 02:28

Morning Shift (John Reids) (Bright, mid-tempo, beaty) 02:03

Market Research (John Reids) (Semi-dramatic, punchy rhythms) 02:10

Foreman Fred (John Reids) (Comic, walking rhythm) 02:22

Side Two

Expansion (John Reids) (Important, full sound) 02:24

New Line (John Reids) (Active, mid-tempo) 02:07

Torque-In (John Reids) (Boisterous, rhythmic) 01:47

Lunchbreak (John Reids) (Lazy, relaxed) 02:33

Construction Lines (John Reids) (Intricate, mid-tempo) 02:28

Stockpiling (John Reids) (Easy-going, incidental) 02:21

New Patent (John Reids) (Rhythmic, light-urgency) 02:28

Impetus (John Reids) (Steady movement) 02:10

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