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Light, easy going small group moods with an emphasis on rhythm and melody.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3264

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Stroll On cover art

Side One

Greenbacks (Simon Haseley) (Earthy, pounding, mid-tempo) 02:06

Lazy Day (Simon Haseley) (Fluid, relaxed) 04:05

Scobie (Gordon Grant) (Pacy, bright activity) 02:32

Orange Tree (Pete Moore) (Reflective, melodic) 02:10

Friends (Simon Haseley) (Warm, gently rhythmic) 02:35

Pattercake (Pete Moore) (Perky, boisterous) 01:59

Mayflower (Simon Haseley) (Restful, flowing) 03:51

Conifer (Pete Moore) (Easy-going, Bossa-feel) 03:28

Side Two

Stroll On (Simon Haseley) (Cheery, loping rhythm) 03:01

Mirage (Gordon Grant) (Gentle, melodic) 02:14

Budgie (Simon Haseley) (Jaunty, light movement) 01:53

Amelia (Pete Moore) (Romantic, intimate) 02:24

Jago (Simon Haseley) (Heavy, sultry, mid-tempo) 02:26

Petals (Simon Haseley) (Slow, melodic) 03:33

Software (Pete Moore) (Light, easy-going) 02:30

The Cat (Pete Moore) (Slinky, swing-rhythm) 02:52

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