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The Music of Derek Laren. Series of orchestral pieces with Biblical themes.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The International Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3051

Recording First Published: 1967

Format: LP

Sound: Stereo

Side 1

At The Court Of The Pharoah (Introduction) (Derek Laren) (Dynamic Intro – Title) 01:25

At The Court Of The Pharoah (Background & ending) (Derek Laren) (Light melodic background with impressive ending) 01:46

The Creation (Derek Laren) (Dramatic opening leading into light neutral movement) 02:16

Joseph And His Brothers (Derek Laren) (Light melodic activity) 01:13

The Exodus From Egypt (Derek Laren) (Light mysterious – intrigue) 02:20

Worship Of The Idol (Derek Laren) (Dramatic agitato with menacing undertones) 01:12

The Ten Commandments (Derek Laren) (Slow theme – light suspense) 02:03

Sound The Trumpets And Battle Action (Derek Laren) (Dramatic agitato in medium tempo) 02:01

Extra Fanfare No. 1 (Derek Laren) (Dramatic call – fading out) 00:13

Extra Fanfare No. 2 (Derek Laren) (Trumpet fanfare) 00:13

Extra Fanfare No. 3 (Derek Laren) (Light dramatic) 00:20

The Promised Land (Derek Laren) (Plaintive melody) 01:25

Jericho (Derek Laren) (Trumpet statements with answering calls) 01:14

The Kings Of Israel (Derek Laren) (Imposing national atmosphere) 01:21

Side 2

Saul And David (Derek Laren) (Impressive opening – melodic solo harp section – building to final climax) 02:19

David And Goliath (Derek Laren) (Dramatic agitato – restless movement) 00:57

Captivity Of Israel (Derek Laren) (Slow plaintive melody) 01:53

The Prophets Of Israel (Derek Laren) (Title – melodic national music) 02:15

Jesus Christ – Passion (Derek Laren) (Slow – peaceful – woodwind predominant) 01:50

Jesus Christ – Miracles (Derek Laren) (Light suspense atmosphere anticipation – building to a final climax then decrescendo) 01:12

Jesus Christ – The Birth (Derek Laren) (Serene – melodic religioso) 01:45

Moses Found By Pharoah’s Daughter (Derek Laren) (Slow melody with feeling – sympathy) 01:18

Intermezzo No. 1 (Derek Laren) (Flute duet – plaintive) 01:41

Intermezzo No. 2 (Derek Laren) (Plaintive – oboe and flute solos) 02:04

Intermezzo No. 3 (Derek Laren) (Plaintive oboe solo) 00:54

Intermezzo No. 4 (Derek Laren) (Reflective study) 02:05

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