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Orchestral pieces for industry, travel etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3059

Recording First Published: 1967

Format: 10″ LP

Sound: Mono

Panorama cover art

Side 1

Bridge Panorama (Peter Reno) (Broad panoramic theme in march tempo) 02:14

Brooklyn Bridge (Peter Reno) (Broad title music – industrial music) 01:32

Golden Gate Bridge (Peter Reno) (Slow – dynamic – purposeful industrial music) 02:07

Forth Bridge (Peter Reno) (Panoramic title music) 02:55

The Last Train (Peter Reno) (Locomotive travel – western flavour) 02:24

Side 2

The Ages Of Man Suite

Man Is Born (Peter Reno) (Broad title music leading into a melodic theme – slow tempo – landscape) 02:34

Man And The Sea (Peter Reno) (Slow moving seascape – melodic) 01:35

Man Conquers The Sky (Peter Reno) (Bright march – modern) 01:31

Focus On Industry Suite

Play In (Hugh Granville) (Industrial title) 00:28

Underscore (Hugh Granville) (Busy light – industrial underscore) 01:34

Play Out (Hugh Granville) (End title) 00:28

The Violator (John Coleman) (Title – semi dramatic – restless undercurrent) 02:59

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