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Up-to-date sounds both large and small.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: London Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3141

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

New Decade cover art.

Side 1

World Arena (Don Harper) (March-tempo builder — outdoor life) 03:24

New Decade (Don Harper) (Powerful modern title) 02:10

Counterstrike (Don Harper) (Expansive, dramatic) 02:31

Action Unknown (Don Harper) (Persistent mover — impending drama) 02:48

Funky Fiddles (Don Harper) (Unusual jazzy string swinger) 02:51

Undercover Man (Don Harper) (All-action, aggressive) 01:33

Sun, Sea And Air (Don Harper) (Cheerful summer sound, medium waltz tempo) 02:36

Coming Up Trumpets (Don Harper) (Melodic, beaty) 02:13

Side 2

Theme For A Stranger (Part 1) (Don Harper) (Thoughtful, small group — solo violin) 01:22

Theme For A Stranger (Part 2) (Don Harper) (Thoughtful, small group — solo violin) 00:36

Theme For A Stranger (Part 3) (Don Harper) (Thoughtful, small group — solo violin) 00:56

Theme For A Stranger (Dramatic Link No. 1) (Don Harper) (Sudden action) 00:05

Theme For A Stranger (Dramatic Link No. 2) (Don Harper) (Mystery) 00:09

Theme For A Stranger (Dramatic Link No. 3) (Don Harper) (Tension-breaker) 00:11

Fast Moving Stranger (Don Harper) (Danger, mystery) 01:32 (Shaw Brothers cue – Dirty Ho)

Sinister Stranger (Don Harper) (Tense, foreboding) 01:55

Happy Stranger (Don Harper) (Cheerful mid-tempo version of theme) 01:16

Troubled Mind—Torment (Don Harper) (Nightmares, nagging tension) 02:30 (Shaw Brothers cue – Dirty Ho)

Troubled Mind—Ferment (Don Harper) (Up-tempo, action) 01:16

Psychosis (Don Harper) (Mental conflict and aberrations) 01:50

Twisted Mind (Don Harper) (Evil forces, darkness) 01:33

Aunty’s Army (Don Harper) (Light-hearted, march-like) 01:42

Moving Shadows (Don Harper) (Melancholia, uncertainty) 01:59

Dank Earth (Part 1) (Don Harper) (Lugubrious horror) 01:40

Dank Earth (Part 2) (Don Harper) (As above) 00:37

Dank Earth (Sting No. 1) (Don Harper) (Horror) 00:05

Dank Earth (Sting No. 2) (Don Harper) (Builder) 00:05

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