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Johnny Hawksworth with big band and strings.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3116

Recording First Published: 1969

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Swing-A-Day (Johnny Hawksworth) (Melodic swinger, titles etc) 02:07

Get This (Johnny Hawksworth) (Soft, jaunty) 01:53

Strange Experience (Johnny Hawksworth) (Moody, slightly mysterious, romantic) 02:33

Don’t Play With Johnny (Johnny Hawksworth) (Punchy, semi-dramatic) 01:06

Up To Date (Johnny Hawksworth) (Lively brass with string counter melody) 01:47 (Man About The House TV series theme tune)

Florida Playboy (Johnny Hawksworth) (Melodic brass & various soloists over soft strings) 02:37

Beauty In Camera (Johnny Hawksworth) (Rhythm & romantic strings) 02:14

Format (Johnny Hawksworth) (Modern TV cops & crime series) 01:37

Made In England (Johnny Hawksworth) (Happy swinger) 00:47

Side 2

East Meets West (Johnny Hawksworth) (Santur & bass feature) 01:51

Location London (Johnny Hawksworth) (Punchy modern big band) 01:26

Weekend Stadium (Johnny Hawksworth) (Sports opener & close) 00:50

Journey Into Fantasy (Johnny Hawksworth) (Romantic aspects) 02:29

Jaunty George (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light-hearted, movement, band & strings) 01:22

Groovy (Johnny Hawksworth) (Short phrases, big band) 01:32

Play On (Johnny Hawksworth) (Light-hearted, movement) 01:14

Shapes And Sizes (Johnny Hawksworth) (Unusual, pizzicato strings under brass figures) 01:15

Haven (Johnny Hawksworth) (Soft string sound, romantic) 01:43

Get The Message (Johnny Hawksworth) (Lively happy band number) 00:28

Cheeky Chaps (Johnny Hawksworth) (Snappy & bright band number) 00:24

Swing-A-Day (Version 2) (Johnny Hawksworth) (Melodic swinger, short version) 01:05


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